Sprinklers: The key to motivation, happiness, and gainz.


  Ah, motivation.  Motivation to move, to work, to workout.  To be…productive. Often times, it can be buried underneath everyday life.  Hard to find at times, and if you disagree with that statement- you’re lying to yourself. If you’re a coach working with clients, you’ll notice a waxing a waning of motivations.  Extreme motivation some…

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SS 038 – GMO or No?


SS 038 – GMO or No? Episode 38 Show Notes Today’s episode delves into the world of GMO foods.  In this episode we discuss current research and arguements for and against GMO.  Grant gets passionate as he and Heavey severely run off-topic from bumble bees to Galileo, Eskimos, Heavey for President, and religion.  We also shake things…

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Why Training Alone Will Make You A Badass


I’m a loner.   No doubt, given the choice, nine times out of ten, I’d choose to spend happy hour in my garage gym with my dog than join friends for a night out…perhaps a sad thought to you- but c’est ma vie. Now, we’re not here to discuss my social life (or lackthereof), but…

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SS 037 – Meet CrossFit Games Master’s Athlete Mona


SS 037 – Meet CrossFit Games Master’s Athlete Mona Episode 37 Show Notes Today we’re joined by 2015 CrossFit Games Master’s Athlete Mona Latimer (who also happens to be Heavey’s mother-in-law and one of his athletes).  In this episode we discuss her training from Coach Heavey leading up to the competition as well as her experience…

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Finding Your Six-Pack… With Cereal.


I used to be a devoted paleo/primal worshiper…I’m not anymore. Do I still feel a grain-free unprocessed diet is optimal for longevity and health?  Absolutely without a doubt. Do I preach that to my nutrition clients?  Kinda-sorta. Why? Because my #1 priority for my clients is to find a way of eating that will be…

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SS 036 – Training the Nervous System with Mike Ritter

heart rate variability

SS 036 – Training the Nervous System with Mike Ritter Episode 36 Show Notes Today we’re joined by trainer, author and all around good dude, Mike Ritter.  In this episode we discuss a listener question on training and the nervous system.  We chat about how to use your rest to improve performance in the gym…

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The Best Lift For Improving Your Back Squat & Your Backside…[Hint, Hint, It Ain’t A Squat]


Sir Mix-A-Lot said it right: “You can do side bends or sit-ups, but please don’t lose that butt…” Not to be vain, but nice asses are pretty rocking’…and how do you get that?  By lifting- and lifting heavy. Strong glutes shape the backside like none other and makes your jeans, yoga pants and dresses rockin’.  And…

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SS035 – Little League to Pro Baseball with Chris Cunningham


SS035 – Little League to Pro Baseball with Chris Cunningham Episode 35 Show Notes Strength and Scotch goes to the Sierras.  This episode was recorded on a camping trip in the Jenny Lake Wilderness area.  Grant and Heavey chat with long time friend Chris Cunningham about his experiences playing baseball.  From coach’s pitch to the…

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SS 034 – Cage Free, GrassFed, Organic Meats – Are they Worth it?

grass fed beef

SS 034 – Cage Free, GrassFed, Organic Meats – Are they Worth it? Episode 34 Show Notes Is grass fed beef worth it?  What’s the difference between cage free, free range, pasture raised and organic eggs?  Does organic matter with dairy?  Today we dissect all of these questions submitted by listener Phil – who will…

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2015 Games Wrap-Up…Grab Your Peg Boards!


Well, it’s a wrap… the 2015 CrossFit Games completed this past weekend with quite a left hook to the individual athletes.   As a biased endurance-junky-in-my-former-life, I loved the addition of the long swim, Murph*, and the never-ending run/yoke carry events…but that’s nothing compared to that skill required at the end. And by left hook,…

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