2015 Games Wrap-Up…Grab Your Peg Boards!


Well, it’s a wrap… the 2015 CrossFit Games completed this past weekend with quite a left hook to the individual athletes.   As a biased endurance-junky-in-my-former-life, I loved the addition of the long swim, Murph*, and the never-ending run/yoke carry events…but that’s nothing compared to that skill required at the end. And by left hook,…

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SS 033 – Is Lifting Dangerous for Kids?


SS 033 – Is Lifting Dangerous for Kids? Episode 33 Show Notes Is it safe for kids to lift?  Can it stunt their growth?  How do you find a quality kids program?  We hit all of these points in response to a listener question today and also check in on how Grant is doing with…

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SS 032 – Protein Supplementation and Post Workout Concoctions


SS 032 – Protein Supplementation and Post Workout Concoctions Episode 32 Show Notes Do you need a post workout shake?  What belongs in that shake?  Is there a difference for males and females?  Today we dive into a listener question and cover everything protein supplementation related.  Whey vs. Casein vs. Soy and Concentrate vs. Isolate vs.…

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The Foodie and the Beast…3 Simple Rules to Tackle Your Nutrition Problems


Food.  It can drive a person insane.  And fat.  And unhealthy.   …Or completely f*ing shredded, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed.  The choice is yours. Food is fuel.  You know that.  You’ve heard that multiple times…but why is it so f*cking hard to eat well?  Perhaps you need to rethink the way you view “food”. We’re inundated…

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SS 031 – Nutrition, The 4th Pillar O’ Health


SS 031 – Nutrition, The 4th Pillar O’ Health Episode 31 Show Notes Today’s episode dives head-first into Heavey’s fourth pillar of health- Nutrition.  Heavey breaks down the world of protein, vegetarian thoughts, and hydration while Grant grills him on veggie, nut, and fruit myths.  All of this while enjoying a pour of Glenfarclas 25 Year…

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SS 030 – Grant is Fat, Part 1


 SS 030 – Grant is Fat, Part 1 Episode 30 Show Notes Grant gets real in this episode of Strength and Scotch and discusses how he’s let his fitness go over the past year.  Heavey grills him on his exercise, nutrition and lifestyle factors and then they come up with a plan to get him back in…

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Lil’ Bit of Chicken Fried, Cold Beer on A Friday Night…


It seems like Heavey and I have been on a rant over the last few weeks about priorities and life choices.  A far cry from grunting and lifting heavy shit (which I still do on a daily basis)…but besides our love of training and learning, I guess you could say we’ve also become rather passionate…

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SS 029 – Women Be Crazy


SS 029 – Women Be Crazy Episode 29 Show Notes In today’s episode we’re joined by Heavey’s wife Nicole and we chat about all the crazy notions associated with women’s health and fitness.  If you’re a lady and you’ve be struggling to attain your body composition goals, this is a great episode for you.  While chatting…

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How to Find More Time… Pt.2


In Nicole’s post last week she discussed How to Find More Time in Your Day by aligning your priorities and actions with your values.  I know it may sound a little “woo woo,” but so much unhappiness, stress and grief occur in so many lives simply because we let life happen to us. The simple task…

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SS 028 – Which Online CrossFit Program Should I Do?


SS 028 – Which Online CrossFit Program Should I Do? Episode 28 Show Notes Today we dive into a listener question.  Bryan Edwards asks, which online CrossFit program will help him toward his goals.  So, we chat about some of the most popular programs out there.  This while we enjoy a Lagavulin 16 that producer…

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