SS 043 – Keeping Up With Keto


SS 043 – Keeping Up With Keto Episode 43 Show Notes In today’s episode Heavey and Grant dive into the ins and outs of the ketogenic diet.  What is it, who should try it, and how to implement the diet into your nutrition.  After chewing the fat they sample a Jameson 12 Year Special Reserve Irish…

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Coaching: Knowledge is Power (And where to find it)


I had the privilege this summer to attend two very different coaching seminars.  This gave me great perspective comparing the programs and their teachings.  Without further adieu, here’s the rundown of… OPEX vs CROSSFIT  Now to be fair, the OPEX program I completed was their assessment and program design (a fairly advanced course), while the CF…

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SS 042 – Look At All Them Crickets


SS 042 – Look At All Them Crickets Episode 42 Show Notes In today’s episode Grant and Brandon discuss alternative protein sources…and sample EXO cricket flour protein bars.  They discuss the macro and micronutrient content of crickets, top chef, and whether these puppies will become a staple in their diet.  Insect sampling is washed down by a…

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Why Paleo Is Making You Fat


It’s an interesting cycle to watch: You start CrossFitting–> You get fitter and more interested in your overall health. You hear about this buzzword “Paleo”, become interested in also improving your nutrition and dive all-in to the Caveman eating plan.  Grains, sugar and legumes are banned (most likely dairy too) and you start looking seriously fit and…

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SS041 – Grant is Fat Update 2


SS 041 – Grant is Fat Update 2 Episode 41 Show Notes In today’s episode we discuss Grant’s journey back to fit and jacked.  We discuss his current training regimen, review his nutrition log, and discuss his stress levels.  Getting into the nitty gritty, we delve into his recently diagnosed thyroid issues and the treatment…

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Overcoming Injuries


Injuries…I hate to break it to you, but they’re going to happen. As an athlete, or even a weekend warrior, at some point you will get injured, and that’s okay. Yes, some injuries can be prevented via smart programming, mobility work, and avoiding overtraining, but silly things like spraining your ankle on a 400m run,…

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SS 040 – Weight Training for Middle Schoolers with Listener Megan


SS 040 – Weight Training for Middle Schoolers with Listener Megan Episode 40 Show Notes Today’s episode involves a conversation with strength and conditioning coach Megan who successfully implemented a middle school strength and conditioning program for local kids in her community.  We get into the nitty gritty of her struggles, challenges and successes, as…

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Oh Heavey Fancy!


So, disclaimer here, I’m about to brag… about Heavey. ‘Cuz he got fancy. Some of you know, some of you don’t, but the life of Mr and Mrs Heavey Duty has been far from “normal” to say the least.  We started off normal with college, grad school, 9-5 corporate jobs and such, but very quickly…

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SS 039 – Does Fish Oil Work?

Fish Oil

SS 039 – Does Fish Oil Work? Episode 39 Show Notes Heavey and Grant field a listener question and go deep on fish oil in this episode.  Fish oil is one of the most popular supplements available, but does it work?  Is it something you should use?  Find out that and how to make a…

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Sprinklers: The key to motivation, happiness, and gainz.


  Ah, motivation.  Motivation to move, to work, to workout.  To be…productive. Often times, it can be buried underneath everyday life.  Hard to find at times, and if you disagree with that statement- you’re lying to yourself. If you’re a coach working with clients, you’ll notice a waxing a waning of motivations.  Extreme motivation some…

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