SS 018 – Say Hello to my Little Friend (or Alice)


SS 018 – Say Hello to my Little Friend (or Alice) Episode 18 Show Notes Today we’re joined by a very special guest, our producer, Alice.  We talk about her contribution to this show as well as her background in fitness.  This conversation was brought to you by Johnnie Walker Blue Label. [1:00] Our Most Special…

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SS 017 – Carb Backloading and OGB


SS 017 – Carb Backloading and OGB Episode 17 Show Notes In this episode we talk to our good friend OGB about his experiences with the very popular carb backloading diet.  We cover how he managed to drop his body fat percentage down to 8% and then screw it up and gain a bunch of fat. …

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SS 016 – Cassandra, the 40-Something CrossFitting Mom


SS 016 – Cassandra, the 40-Something CrossFitting Mom Episode 16 Show Notes In our episode on “Is CF Worth It,” Heavey kept mentioning the 40-year old mom demographic and that seemed to  stir up some emotions on Facebook.  So, we brought a mom onto the show to discuss her experience.  In this episode we discuss Cassandra’s experience in…

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Is Stress Holding you Back in the Gym?

stress exercise

Imagine you’re backing out of your driveway. And, just as you pull into the street, a car that you didn’t see, comes whizzing by and swerves just in time to avoid you. You slam on your brakes. You tense up. Your heart rate elevates. Your skin feels flushed. You’re shaking. This is your body’s fight…

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SS 015 – Why, Heavey Why?


SS 015 – Why, Heavey Why? Episode 15 Show Notes In this episode you get a chance to get inside of Heavey’s head a bit.  We dive more into his background.  We discuss why he does the things he does.  And we enjoy a delicious Hakushu whiskey from Japan. [0:48] Heavey is Terrified [1:55] What Motivates Heavey?…

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What it’s Like Training NFLers

NFL Strength Training

Last week I posted about my experience prepping guys for the NFL combine. While, a lot of my time was devoted to working with this group, I also had the opportunity to work with a handful of NFL pros on their off season training. In fact, my most vivid memory of the entire training camp was…

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SS 014 – Coach Erwin Regidor on Connecting with Clients


SS 014 – Coach Erwin Regidor on Connecting with Clients Episode 14 Show Notes The second part of our discussion with Coach Erwin Regidor.  Last time we talked about his experience coaching in Shanghai, this time we discuss what it means to be a good coach, focusing especially on Erwin’s uncanny ability to connect with clients. …

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Training for the NFL Combine


You may have noticed the lack of posts around here recently (outside of the strength and scotch episodes of course).  My absence wasn’t due to a long, luxurious beach vacation though… nope, in my mind, actually something far better.  For the past two months I’ve been working alongside renown strength and conditioning coach Scot Prohaska with a…

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SS 013 – Strength in 5/3/1 with Brendan Hufford


SS 013 – Strength in 5/3/1 with Brendan Hufford Episode 13 Show Notes Fellow podcaster and admirer of the deadlift joins us to discuss Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 strength program and the results of implementing it within high school sports programs. [1:45] Heavey is awkward [3:00] Entrepreneurs and Coffee [4:40] Brendan: Strength & Conditioning Coach [5:45] Strength &…

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SS 012 – Is CrossFit Worth It?


SS 012 – Is CrossFit Worth It? Episode 12 Show Notes In this episode we dive into whether or not CrossFit is worth it and we do so with two of our closest friends, Jason and Phil. We tackle the pros and cons of the workout regimen as well as talk injuries and six packs. Enjoy!…

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