SS 024 – Get Inside of Grant’s Head


SS 024 – Get Inside of Grant’s Head Episode 24 Show Notes Payback time for Grant this week.  He put Heavey on the spot a few weeks ago, so we turn the tables on him this week.  Get inside his head and find out what makes him tick.  Why is he so inquisitive?  Why is he…

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Client Profile: Carbs Save the Day!


I’m often given shit because my answer to most questions related to training and nutrition is “it depends.” Do most things truly depend on the circumstances? Of course! The client’s background, current lifestyle and goals all directly impact their prescription. To hammer this home, I’ve decided to start highlighting experiences with clients that demonstrate this…

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SS 023 – Is Organic Worth It?


SS 023 – Is Organic Worth It? Episode 23 Show Notes Is spending the extra money on organic worth it?  What exactly does organic mean?  Is it really healthier?  We dig into everything organic on this episode of Strength and Scotch.  All of this while we enjoy a Sherry Cask Macallan Scotch.    [2:20] Heavey’s…

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Heavey Duty’s First CrossFit Games Athlete: Go Mom!


Some of you may have already seen on our social media, that we’ve got a celebrity amongst the Heavey Duty clientele:  Mona.  (aka- Mrs. HD’s mom).   Mona has qualified for the 60+ masters division of the CrossFit Games- and we couldn’t be prouder. Woot woot! Up to the Master’s Qualifier, Mona has been following the…

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SS 022 – The Most Underrated Key to Health

stress exercise

SS 022 – The Most Underrated Key to Health Episode 22 Show Notes It’s not a sexy topic, but it is likely the thing you’re overlooking in your health.  Managing stress can make you skinnier, give you bigger muscles and just make you all around happier,  Found out how on this episode of Strength and Scotch. …

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Barbells & Broccoli Save the Day….Aka-Diabetes -Get Your Sh*t Together.


As you know from my introduction last week, I’ve been a clinical pharmacist for 10 years, and specifically a type 2 diabetes pharmacist care manager for the last 4 years.  I’ve spent every day managing patients’ chronic conditions, educating patients, discussing their blood sugars, and adjusting their diabetes medications in attempt to improve their disease…and…

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SS 021 – The Worst Week of Grant’s Life a.k.a The Master Cleanse


SS 021 – The Worst Week of Grant’s Life a.k.a. The Master Cleanse Episode 21 Show Notes Alice joins us today to talk about the worst week of Grant’s life… the week he did The Master Cleanse.  Heavey also did the cleanse though is slightly less dramatic about the experience.  In this episode we discuss the…

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Meet Mrs. Heavey Duty: She left her 6 figure salary to do what???!!!


Some of you know, some of you don’t…so here’s a brief recap of Mr. Heavey Duty. Heavey was an electrical engineer at a NASA facility for almost 10 years…and then he quit. He quit his prestigious engineering position to coach, to run our CrossFit affiliate, and most recently after selling our affiliate, to focus on…

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SS 020 – What is Healthy?

What is health

SS 020 – What is Healthy? Episode 20 Show Notes Ask ten people what it means to be healthy you’ll get ten different answers.  In this week’s episode we distill down what it truly means to be healthy and the things that you can do to maximize your health.  One of which is not enjoying the Rye…

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Are You Training Like An Athlete?


It’s common in CrossFit gyms to refer to all clientele as athletes. Young stud training for high school sports? Athlete. Overweight, middle-aged executive getting started with exercise for the first time? Athlete. Your mom? Athlete. Why do we refer to everyone that walks through our door – individuals with diverse backgrounds, lifestyles and goals – as…

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