SS 007 – The Great Gear Debate


SS 007 – The Great Gear Debate Episode 7 Show Notes We are joined by CrossFit coach and friend Paul Lee for our first ever guest appearance on the show.  Listen in as Paul and Heavey discuss the pros and cons of gear in fitness and Grant weighs in with inappropriate comments.  Also, we had a lot…

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SS 006 – Caffeine and Performance


SS 006 – How to Use Caffeine to Enhance Your Training Episode 6 Show Notes In this episode of Strength and Scotch, we cover how to effectively use caffeine to enhance your strength and endurance training.  Including how much, how often and even a discussion on the impacts to overall health.  All of this while…

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Strength & Scotch Podcast… Plus Free T-Shirts!!!


I’m very excited to announce the official release of Strength and Scotch, a weekly podcast, usually ranging from 10 to 20 minutes discussing everything related to health, fitness and strength training… all while on the sauce!  To get the full details, be sure to check out the podcast website here. We’re launching the show this week…

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Dialing it In

food scale

Last week I pulled back the curtain and revealed my meal prep system.  Nothing earth shattering or even new, but perhaps something that gave you some ideas of things you can implement to help you save some time and money while dialing in your diet. Speaking of dialing it in… combining meal prep with food logging…

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Meal Prep for the Win!


One of the big reasons people get derailed on their diet is a failure to prepare. Nothing handy when lunchtime rolls around? Shit… guess you’ll have to run by <insert name of random fast food joint> with co workers. Stomach grumbling in the mid-afternoon? No choice, but to swing for the “Heart Healthy” choices in the vending…

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To Supplement or Not?


Odds are good that if you’re a regular gym-goer, you have a blender bottle stashed in your bag.  I mean, who doesn’t like vigorously shaking that clear bottle post workout, it’s kind of therapeutic.  But, I thought it might be good to take a moment to dig deeper into the topic of supplementation and whether or not it’s…

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Group Fitness Testing – August 2014


Last time I reported on our results from the group classes at 626, I discussed an issue that came out of the way we tabulated the statistics. Just as I developed a system to correct that problem, I decided to revamp our entire testing regimen. We were testing every 6-weeks, which I actually think is…

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5 Steps to Becoming Julie Foucher


Beyond the whiteboard posted an interesting article last week on their blog. For those of you that don’t know, BTWB is a workout tracking website that’s been around for quite some time now. Four-time CrossFit Games competitor, Julie Foucher also happens to religiously use BTWB to track her workouts and has done so since she began…

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NPGL: Exciting as Hell and Definitely Not CrossFit

NPGL Grid League CrossFit

Last weekend I went to check out the first home match for the Los Angeles Reign, my local grid league team. Grid league, what the hell is that? Maybe you’ve heard of NPGL or perhaps their former name, NPFL. All of these monikers refer to the same thing, a sport of team fitness. Isn’t that the…

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Homemade Slam Ball

homemade slam ball

Over a year ago I started a project to build my own slam ball.  And by started, I mean I purchased some of the supplies on a whim and then let them sit for months collecting dust.  In fact, out of frustration, my wife inflated a couple of the small basketballs I purchased and gave ‘em…

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