SS 029 – Women Be Crazy


SS 029 – Women Be Crazy Episode 29 Show Notes In today’s episode we’re joined by Heavey’s wife Nicole and we chat about all the crazy notions associated with women’s health and fitness.  If you’re a lady and you’ve be struggling to attain your body composition goals, this is a great episode for you.  While chatting…

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How to Find More Time… Pt.2


In Nicole’s post last week she discussed How to Find More Time in Your Day by aligning your priorities and actions with your values.  I know it may sound a little “woo woo,” but so much unhappiness, stress and grief occur in so many lives simply because we let life happen to us. The simple task…

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SS 028 – Which Online CrossFit Program Should I Do?


SS 028 – Which Online CrossFit Program Should I Do? Episode 28 Show Notes Today we dive into a listener question.  Bryan Edwards asks, which online CrossFit program will help him toward his goals.  So, we chat about some of the most popular programs out there.  This while we enjoy a Lagavulin 16 that producer…

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Time… And How to Find More of It


Time.  You want more, you need more… but where do you find it? The answer is priorities, and everyone’s priorities are different based on differing goals and life choices. Aligning those priorities with your values will allow you to realistically set your individual goals and expectations…and if things don’t align, changes need to be made…

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SS 027 – Skipping this Makes you Fat and Stupid


SS 027 – Skipping this Makes your Fat and Stupid Episode 27 Show Notes Today we cover one of the underdog pillars to your health, sleep.  How much should you sleep?  How can you improve the quality of your sleep?  What is the true impact of depriving yourself of sleep?  Find out today on Strength…

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Your Goals. Your Macros. Your Donuts.


Half of all people have a propensity for insulin resistance.  HALF.  That means even if you think you’re fine on a standard American diet, you’ve got a 50% chance that this lifestyle is taxing your pancreas day in a day out.  Give yourself many years of this, and there’s no wonder why we have a…

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SS 026 – How To Exercise For Health


SS 026 – How To Exercise For Health Episode 26 Show Notes In this episode we dive into the exercise pillar of health.  Learn the priority in your training for lifting, running, etc. if your goal is overall health.  We discuss this over a very distinct single barrel bourbon from the Buffalo Trace Distillery.  Enjoy! [2:40]…

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Client Profile: Losing Fat with Bacon & Eggs


Do carbs improve or worsen body composition? Perhaps you read my recent post Carbs Save the Day, where I profiled a client for which I increased her carbohydrate (and caloric) intake to improve her body composition. She experienced both an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in fat mass. The Holy Grail for body…

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SS 025 – Diabetes: Does Anything Other Than Insulin Help?


SS 025 – Diabetes: Does Anything Other Than Insulin Help? Episode 25 Show Notes Diabetes affects a huge percentage of the population and is growing at a fast rate.  Today, we are joined by two guests to discuss the ins and outs of diabetes and some of the things you can do to mitigate the…

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Sooo, carbs. Are they evil? Are they good? What’s the deal?

Assorted Carbohydrate Sources Spelling Out 'Carbs'

We recently highlighted one of our nutrition clients and the benefits of adding specific carbs back into her diet…Would this work for you?  The answer is, again, it depends. Nothing in nutrition is simple, and everything depends on the individual.  Your goals, your health, your chronic conditions, your stress levels, your sleep, and your activity…

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