F 12.27.13

Small win today, I can’t remember the last time I tested OHS, but it’s never been pretty.  I was able to hit a 2RM bigger than any previous 1RM.  It probably had a lot to do with the 45 minutes I spent mobilizing / warming up this afternoon prior to tackling the lift.

1. Build to a 2RM OHS

152 lbs.  Attempted  163 lbs, got the barbell locked out overhead, but could never quite stabilize it to begin squatting, so I got zero squats at the higher weight.

2. Build to a 1RM Power Snatch

143 lbs.  Wasn’t super pretty, got pulled forward by the weight a bit.  I’m continuing to struggle with maintaining flatness in my back.  Need to make sure I get away from the desk a few times each day to mobilize and try to work that out.  Attempted more weight and got plenty of bar height for a power snatch, but failed to drop fast enough under the bar to catch it.

3. For time, 20 reps at 77% of 1RM PSn

2:07.  Probably could have paced this thing better.  Started with 10 reps TnG, then smaller sets from there.  After the 20 reps during my 10 minutes of recovery before the row sprints I felt my biceps burning a bit, guessing this is from pressing many of the reps to get lock out instead of catching the barbell overhead locked out.


+ (Rest 10 minutes)

2 x 500m Row; rest 90 sec

Spring 1: 138.7; Sprint 2: 146.6; Damper set at 5.  Still breathing heavy and a bit of a burn remaining in my quads for the start of the second set – and thus the fall off in time by 8 seconds.  After the second row I was pretty beat up.  Laid out on the ground for a couple minutes.  Quads were burning for about 15 minutes after final sprint.  Second one definitely sucked.