M 12.30.13

I have successfully avoided Fran for over 2 years, but that all came to an end today.  It was every bit as sucky as I remember.  Didn’t puke, but felt really sick for quite a while.  Other lifts of the day are off PRs, but this was expected.  The pull ups bothered my elbow just a bit.  The thrusters aggravated an on and off injury in my palm (just below my thumb).  Icing tonight, should be all good for final testing day tomorrow. 

1. Build to a 1RM Back Squat @ 20×1

285 lbs high bar.  Pretty far from my previous PR of 315 (from about 6 months ago – but training has really been spotty since then).

2. AMRAP at 85% of 1RM @ 20×1

4 reps @ 240 lbs.  Watching the video I feel like I probably should have attempted another rep, but based on the way it felt during the lift, it didn’t feel like I would be able to get another.

3. Build to a 3RM TnG Deadlift – no breakdown in extension

315 lbs.   Was focusing on flat back – this has been a problem for me recently.  The flatness in the video was the best I currently can obtain.  I’ve been taking extra time to mobilize each day, hopefully I can correct this soon.  Thought I was going to be able to get more weight, but I had to drop my hips to get my back flatter which limited the weight I could pull.

4. 2 DB Row 3 x 10-12 @ 20×1 / 90sec rest

40lbs/40lbs/35lbs.  These were tough.  I found myself compensating the lift by jerking my head down.  This would happen without me realizing it only to see it on the video after.  Definitely need to work on this movement.



6:49.  I did the warmup like you outlined with 4 sets of 3 thrusters and 4 pull ups and 60 – 90 seconds rest between sets.  Felt pretty primed to start the workout.  The last set was really tough.  My biceps were burning during the pull ups and my legs were shot, I did not want to jump up for the last few pull ups.  Wishing I had a lower bar at that time!  The aftermath… really sick after.  Didn’t puke, but I was very queasy for about 30 minutes with dulled hearing and numb face… basically hating my life 🙂