Sa 12.28.13

CTB pull ups today were tough, I’ve never been great at that movement.  Back extensions were brutal.  I was expecting the metcon to be tougher than it was… not too bad though.  I will say it is much more difficult for me to push myself in that type of workout outside of a group training environment.  That’s something I’m going to have to get used to.  Finally, this post is going live about 4 hours after I completed today’s workout and my biceps are still feeling pretty worked over.

1. Build to a 1RM Close Grip BP @ 31X0

163 lbs.  Grip at 16″.  Attempted 172, but got stuck at bottom after pause.

2. AMRAP CTB Pull ups / 3:00 rest x 2

 Rd1 – 8 / Rd2 – 7.  Couldn’t quite get chest to bar on last rep in first round.  I’ve always struggled with this movement.  That end range of motion, from the pulled up position to the chest coming into contact with the bar, has always been the challenging for me. 

3. Back Ext 3 x 15 / 75 sec rest

Wow, this was tough!  First two rounds I felt my low back and hammies light up.  The last round I actually had to stop after rep 10 to recover for a moment because my low back didn’t have anything left.


3 Rounds for Time

25 KBS (2 pood)

25 Burpees

11:28.  Breakdown – Rd1 3:08; Rd2 4:20; Rd3 4:00;  Broke KBS into set of 15 and 10 during each round so I wasn’t super gassed during burpees.  Burpees were slow, but kept moving for all 25 each round.