T 12.24.13

Though I did spend about 30 minutes mobilizing prior to starting this training session, I felt pretty tight.  I think spending so much time behind a desk lately and very little time training/moving has pretty adversely affected my movement.  Pretty tough to watch some of this, but serves as great motivation.  We have a lot of work to do!

Sorenson Hold

Never done this before, much harder than it seems.  My lower back and hammies were on fire after.  Got in position at 0:16, broke at 2:38 for a total of 2:22.

1. Build to 1RM FSQ (12 min cap) – rest 5min

 Built up to 242 lbs.   Definitely off from previous 1RM – but haven’t been lifting much lately.  Had trouble maintaining tension in the bottom of the squat today and not too happy with the rounding in my upper back.

2. AMRAP 85% 1RM FSQ @ 31×0 – rest 5min

 I got 4 reps using as close to 85% of 242 lbs as I could get – 202 lbs.  Short changed the 1 second hold at bottom of 3rd squat on accident.

3. Built to 1RM Clean; catch in squat (10 min cap)

Built to 198 lbs.  Got under 208, but squat was feeling weak and I failed the lift.  Hips felt tight, wasn’t getting full extension and had trouble getting them lower in the starting position.

4. DB Split Squat from 14″ box; 3×8 each leg @ 30×0 (build to max load)

 I’d never built up like this with this movement before.  Got 25/30/40lbs.  Think I could have done 45lbs – that may have been the max though.

4. Tabata sit-ups (anchored feet)

 12/11/11/10/10/10/9/9; These started to get tough for me on round 5.