T 12.31.13

Sweet baby Jesus, that last workout today was brutal.  Had to move today’s testing earlier in the day due to some evening commitments.  Started at 10:45am.  Feeling pretty worked over, looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

1. TGU, build to a tough single  – each arm.

53 lbs.  Probably could have gone a bit heavier, but didn’t have anything heavier around.

2. 3 min Airdyne warmup + 10 x 30s @ 90% / 30s walking rest + rest 2 min

 14/14/14/14/14/13/14/14/14/15 cals.  Still getting use to Airdyne training.  Thought I was pacing at 90%, and I was able to maintain calories throughout, but the last sets were definitely closer to 100% effort.  Had some computer difficulties with the airdyne too, so the rest intervals ended up at about 45s instead of 30s.


4 rounds for time
400m run
20 x TTB
15 x No push up burpee box jump (20″)
15 x Power Clean (115 lbs)
15 x Shoulder to Overhead (115 lbs)
40 x Double Unders
Rest 2 min

51:24.  Legs were pretty wobbly to get  started.  I ended up resting nearly 10 minutes before starting this workout after the airdyne based on how my legs felt.  They continued to feel fatigued throughout this workout, I’m guessing that’s not just the airdyne, but also has something to do with yesterday’s training.  I wasn’t able to kip the TTB – this tends to happen to me in workouts once I feel pretty fatigued.  So TTB as singles and strict definitely slowed me down.  Power cleans were broken up as 5/5/4/1 each set and S2O were 5/5/5 each set.  DUs were unbroken each round.  I also ended up consuming about 40 oz of water during this workout, I may have been dehydrated.

Rd1 start hr: 110, end hr: 183, end time: 10:15

Rd2 start hr: 135, end hr: 182, end time: 23:25

Rd3 start hr: 135, end hr: 183, end time: 37:30

Rd4 start hr: forget to get, end hr: 182, end time: 51:24