W 12.25.13

Today wasn’t as frustrating to me, but that’s probably because the lifts today focused on areas I know I’m weaker and have always needed to improve.  These numbers haven’t dropped off that far from their previous heights (like my lower body lifts seemed to have done).  Oh yeah, and holy smokes, that 300FY is no joke!

Post 300FY Airdyne Test

Post 300FY Airdyne Test

Scratch Test

Right: 3.5″ overlap / Left: 2.75″ overlap

1A. Build to 1RM Weighted Chin-up (pronated grip)

37.5 lbs.  Last week I got 40 lbs, but couldn’t get it today.

1B. Build to 1RM Standing Press

120 lbs.  Never been my lift.  This isn’t far from my all time max.  The max lift wasn’t the prettiest, wormed it up a little.

2. Strict Chin-ups Max Set (pronated grip)

6 reps.  5 were done consecutively, the 6th was after a few second rest hanging on the bar.

2. For Time – 20 HSPU

7:18.  Going into this I was thinking I’d scale it with 1 abmat, but ended up going without a scale… and thus it took me nearly 7:30 to complete!  Maybe not what you were looking for here.  The first half felt really good – actually better than HSPU usually feel for me, but clearly I burned out from that first set.  My shoulders were toast after about 12 reps.


300FY – 10 min Airdyne for calories

 172 cals.  I’d never done this test and actually have done very little work on the Airdyne.  After the program design cert a few weeks back I got excited about the potential of the machine and bought one.  This was my first real workout with it and damn… there’s a reason this workout carries the rep that it does.  Last few minutes my legs were on fire.  Also, I think the seat was a bit low, I need to adjust that.  How on earth do people get 300?!?!