F 1.10.14

Now I know why I was sluggish yesterday… woke up today with a sore throat and a runny nose.  I tend to get sick while traveling.  Probably in part due to exposure and in part due to eating and sleeping worse.  Not feeling horrible today, we’ll see how things progress tomorrow.

1A. Good Mornings 22×1; 4×5 / 90 sec rest

185 / 195 / 205 / 215 lbs.  Got tough at the end, but these felt pretty good.

1B. Close Grip Bench Press 10,8,6,4 / 90 sec rest

 115 / 135 / 145 / 150 lbs.  No prescribed tempo so I made sure to stay controlled on the way down and didn’t bounce it off my chest.  3rd set was pretty tough with a couple pauses at the top on the last few reps, that’s why the final jump in weight was smaller.  Last set was though, but I was able to perform without pauses.

2. Hang snatch off blocks (mid thigh) EMOM x 3 for 10:00

95 lbs.  Really focused on hip extension and activating glutes.  Got a couple videos, but haven’t had a chance to download or even review yet to see how I did.  These felt pretty good though.

4 Sets timed individually
10 TnG Deadlifts @ 65% (250 lbs)
5 Burpees over bar
150m Row

Rd1 – 1:17, Rd2 – 1:18, Rd3 – 1:17, Rd4 – 1:18.  Felt ok on these aside from my cold symptoms.  Did the DLs TnG, but they were challenging.  Burpees were fast and row felt ok though I could feel some fatigue in my legs.