F 1.3.14

Morning session today so I can catch a plane this afternoon.  Hopefully there will be some decent equipment at my hotel so I can get some good training sessions in while I’m away.

1A. Bench Press @ 31×0; 10/8/6/4/2 / 90sec rest

110 / 121 /126.5 / 132 / 143.  Loads were pretty well chosen each round, though I think I should have gone a bit heavier on the set of 2.  I notice at the end of a tough set I compensate the last couple of reps by rotating my shoulders in and winging my shoulders out.

1B. KBS 1.5 pood 5 x10 unbroken / 90sec rest

This was easily doable.  The only issue is my lingering right elbow pain which is irritated a bit with KBS.

1000m Row @ 85% / rest walk 4:00 x 3 – keep same score throughout

 3:55.0 / 3:55.4 / 3:53.9; Wasn’t quite sure what to shoot for here, I haven’t really done row intervals like this before, but I think I ended up with a fairly appropriate pace.  Probably could have done a bit faster.