M 1.13.14

Been sick the past few days, but woke up this morning feeling better.  Unfortunately working behind the computer most the day torpedoed this.  Took a little rest time in the late afternoon and decided to go for it.  Definitely wasn’t at 100%, but I was able to push it more than I expected.  As advised I left out the metcon stuff at the end.

1A. Back Squat @ 32×1; 4 x 3-4 / 2:00 rest

198 x 4 / 202.4 x 4 / 209 x 3 / 213.4 x 3.  Was sniffling during these, made breathing kinda tough…. gave it my all though.

1B. Glute/ham raises 4 x 8 – 10 / 2:00 rest

10/10/10/10.  My GHD at home is a bit janky and makes doing g/h raises tough, so I had to give myself a bit of a push off from the handles to get these reps in.

2A. Russian step ups 3 x 12 / 90 sec rest

30/35/35.  Felt pretty good, got me breathing.

2B. Pendlay row 3 x 8-10 / 90 sec rest; start at 85 lbs

88 / 88 / 88.  I kept the same weight and really tried to focus on rolling shoulders down my back at the top.  Some of the time I caught myself just shrugging my traps.  It wasn’t tough to pull the weight off the ground, but the rolling back of the shoulders was tough.

3. FLR on rings with feet elevated on 20″ box 30sec on / 30sec off x 4

Setup wasn’t the greatest here either.  I didn’t have my ladder at home so I couldn’t adjust my rings.  I was able to rig something up so that my hands were at a few inch deficit from my feet, but probably not exactly what I should have been doing here.  These were pretty easy.