M 1.27.14

Not a great training day.  5 hour car ride today, so I felt pretty tight going into the session.  Also had a lot on my mind today which really affected my intensity.  Think I loosened up mentally toward then end though.

1A. Split squat w/ 35 lb DBs in each hand @ 2211; 4 x 6 / 90sec rest

1B. RDL @ 41×1; 4 x 8 – 165 lbs. / 90 sec rest

 4 seconds is a long time!

2. Back squat 22×1; 2-3 EMOM for 10 minutes @ 70% – 200lbs; focus on speed out of bottom

 Did 2 reps each round.  Had trouble getting speed on the 2nd rep and on the last few rounds had trouble getting speed on either rep.

3. Snatch balance 3,3,3,3,3,3 – keep weight light and focus on solid catch

 45/45/55/55/65/65.  Kept it very light, still struggled a bit in the catch as you can see in the video.  Sat in a car for 5 hours today, maybe that had something to do with how tight everything felt.

4. FLR from 20″ box 45sec on / 45 sec rest x 5

 These were definitely harder than the set from last Tuesday from the ground, but still manageable.