T 1.28.14

 Today was a lighter training day, but I was feeling better today.  Got my session in earlier, perhaps that had something to do with it.  I have a big deadline tomorrow so hopefully that will alleviate a lot of the stress I’ve been carrying around recently.

1A. Close grip bench press 4 x 4-6 / 90 sec rest; heavier than 1/15, control down – explode up

 6×150 / 6×155 / 5×160 / 4×165; Managed to get heavier with more reps than 1/15 as recommended.  “Explode” up was not too explosive so hopefully it is intent based.

1B. DB single arm row 21×1; 4 x 8 / 60 sec rest

40 / 40 / 40 / 40; These felt very solid compared to last time when I did them with 35 lbs.  Feel like I can probably go heavier next time.

4 sets (keep same pace each round)
30s Russian KBS
30s Toes to bar
30s Hang power clear (95 lbs)
30s Double unders
2:00 Rest

KBS: 18/17/17/17; TTB: 7/7/9/9; HPC: 10/11/11/10; DU: 35/29/39/28; Definitely a maintainable pace.  Transition time ended up eating up a lot of the allotted time per movement though.  DUs were skill limited today – bad day for that movement.  Also tripped up on TTB a bit, had trouble stringing them together today.