T 1.7.14

Last hotel workout for a while… can’t wait to get back home and hit it!

1. Slowly build to a heavy DB turkish get up

55 lbs.  I’d only done TGUs with KBs until today.  They’re tougher than I thought with the DBs – you really have to concentrate on balancing the DB in the middle, the KB has a bit more give to it.


Warm up with 4 x 40 sec sprints @ 90%

Ran on the treadmill, 4 sets for 40 secs @ 10mph followed by 1:00 of walking.

Treadmill / Elliptical / Bike – 2:00 min @ 85% / 2:00 rest x 6

Used the treadmill again.  Ran 6 sets @ 8.5 mph, each rest set was active – walking on treadmill.  Had to hold my ground on the treadmill since the gym was busy this morning.  Was definitely feeling my hamstrings on the last couple of sets.

Rest 4:00

30 sec all out burpees w/o jump or clap / rest 60 sec x 4 

11 / 12 / 12 / 12.  Not too bad, think I could have pushed it a bit more.