Th 1.9.14

I was excited to get back into my regular routine today after being away for nearly a week, but for some reason I felt pretty sluggish during training today – especially the 3 rounder at the end.  Probably just an off training day – hopefully tomorrow is better.

1. Back squat  @ 32X1; 4 x 4-5 / 2:00 rest

6×185 / 6×195 / 6×205 / 5×215.  Same rep scheme January 2nd, but with 30 seconds shorter rest.  So, I decided to attempt the same loads from last week.  Almost got it, but only hit 5 reps in the last set.

2. EMOM 2 x hang squat clean – 8 min (build each minute start @ 95lbs)

 95/105/115/125/130/135/140/145.  Misjudged this a bit, had more in me at the end – should have prolonged building by 10lbs each minute.

3A. Front rack barbell walkin lunges 4 x 12 / 10 sec rest

65/75/85/95.  Definitely felt my glutes on the rounds of 85 and 95 lbs.

3B. AMRAP strict pull ups / 90 sec rest

 4/4/4/4.  All sets except the first were 3 reps, pause for a moment in the hang and then get the final pull up.

3 rounds for time
15 kipping pull ups
10 handstand push ups
60 double unders

13:51.  My elbow was bothering me during the kipping pull ups.  HSPU started to get tough about halfway through the second round and my DUs were off today – many breaks in each set.