M 2.17.14

All in all a good workout day today.  First day squatting since I aggravated my knee.  I wore a brace as a precaution.  Felt stiff, but didn’t have any pain.

A. Back squat wave@ 22×1; 6,4,2,6,4,2 / 2:00 – 2nd wave heavier than the first

154 lbs / 176 / 198 / 176 / 198 / 220;  Was a little nervous about this due to my lingering knee pain.  Knee was a bit stiff, but didn’t experience any pain.

B1. Hang squat clean @ 115 lbs; 3 x 6 / 2:00 – add 10lbs each round

115 lbs / 125 lbs / 135 lbs.  Each round was unbroken, last one was a little slower than the rest.  Felt my form breaking down some.

B2. Chest-to-bar pull-ups 3 x 10 / 90 sec rest

Stayed on the bar for the duration of each round, though was unable to complete 10 non-stop.

C. AMRAP in 5:00 – walking lunges

134.  Kept moving the whole time, but I was definitely moving slower the second half of the AMRAP.

D. Tabata anchored sit-ups

12/12/11/11/11/10/10/9.  Slightly better than 12/24.  The last couple sets got a little nasty.

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