M 2.3.14

Kind of a bummer today, couldn’t complete my squats due to knee pain.  I don’t think it’s anything to be worried about, it’s a pain that recurs occasionally for me, especially if I don’t get adequate hip mobility time.  I had a really busy weekend with no time to work on my hips and played a few hours of flag football on Sunday which probably caused everything to tighten more.  Going to focus a couple hours on mobility over the next couple of days to try to work through this problem.

1A. Split squats w/ 45 lb DBs @ 2211; 4 x 4-6 / 90 sec rest

 6 reps for each of the rounds.  Felt a slight pain in my right knee during movement.

1B. RDLs 185 lbs. @ 41×1; 4×6 / 90 sec rest

 Definitely felt my hamstrings here, still manageable.  Grip was fairly taxed by final rep of final set.

2. EMOM for 10 min 2 x back squats @ 22×1 – 80% (228 lbs)

 Bailed out of 3rd set.  Pain in knee experienced during split squats increased during first two sets.  Felt sharp during 3rd set.  Didn’t complete this.  Spent some time mobilizing knee.

8 minute AMRAP
Power snatch (95lbs)
Lateral burpees over bar

After a little warming up the movements, I only felt a slight twinge in my knee during snatching so I decided to proceed.  Made it through the round of 11.  Breathing was taxed.  Felt fatigue in my legs.