T 2.11.14

Traveling today through Thursday so I’m back at the hotel workouts.  Not a big fan of these ordinarily, but super bad at this hotel…. 1 treadmill and DBs up to 25 lbs only!  Knee is feeling better too, but I definitely still felt it with the goblet squats.  Oh and if you can’t tell from my comments below, the air is thinner in Denver!

5 min warmup elliptical

8 min AMRAP
10 goblet squats (25 lbs DB)
10 push ups
10 situps

 6 + 24.  Felt my knee a bit with the squats.  Had to use 25 lb DB instead of 35 lb prescription  – max weight in hotel gym.  Push ups got tough, last round of sit ups were tough too.  Definitely feeling the high altitude too.

5 min easy aerobic work elliptical

8 min AMRAP
10 DB Swings (25lbs)
10 Forward lunges alternating
10 Push press TnG (25lbs)

 7 + 15.  Again, limited here in weight, had to use 25 lbs.  Very light for swings.  Did first two rounds of PP as strict press to get a little shoulder fatigue, then the push presses were not super easy after that.  Again… altitude!