SS 118 – Grant’s Meal Delivery Reviews

SS 118 – Grant’s Meal Delivery Reviews

Episode 118 Show Notes


This week Heavey and Grant switch roles, as Grant becomes the expert for the episode.  Grant shares his experiences trying out 6 different meal delivery companies:

  • Blue Apron
  • Home Chef
  • Plated
  • Green Chef
  • Hello Fresh
  • Sun Basket

Tune in to find out the best and most interesting dishes,  the most health conscious options, the  most economical service and the one service Grant does NOT recommend.

[1:07] Grant is the expert
[4:36] Delivery food
[7:18] I forgot where I was going…
[10:33] It started with Blue Apron
[13:33] 30 meals
[15:50] 15 dollar mark
[19:19] The most options
[24:19] Nothing worse
[28:33] Shitty quality
[35:33] A lot of material
[36:34] Wilted lettuce and oxidized meat
[45:54] My only criticism
[47:20] Which should I try?
[51:00] Knived at Costco





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