SS 119 – How to Find a Good Trainer

SS 119 – How to Find a Good Trainer

Episode 119 Show Notes


This week Grant and Heavey discuss how to find a good trainer or coach:

-The most important qualities you should look for in a trainer

-How to find a good coach

-How long you should expect to work with a coach to see significant results

Heavey also shares from his experience the toughest clients and the most fulfilling clients to work with…and how to prioritize your goals for success.

[3:06] Bring it Netflix
[6:26] Netflix and chill
[9:30] Convenience
[14:54] The best first step
[18:22] Knowing how to evaluate a person
[20:39] Meeting them where they are
[22:34] Your trainer is a douche?
[23:54] Removing all possible barriers
[26:10] 9% body fat
[27:19] Do what you want
[31:02] To find that motivation
[33:41] So much harder to work with that
[36:21] Not getting the results they want?
[40:01] Baseline measurements
[42:38] Frustrated too quickly
[44:00] Ask questions





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