SS 122 – eSport Athletes and Hard Probiotic Cider

SS 122 – eSport Athletes and Hard Probiotic Cider

Episode 122 Show Notes


This week Grant and Heavey are joined by eSports gaming expert James Monosmith.  The boys discuss the world of competitive eSports:  the financial incentives for eSports athletes, as well as the health complications from hours of gaming.  While discussing from what constitutes an athlete to whether you can die pooping, the trio enjoys a sampling of 101 Cider House Hard Probiotic Ciders.

[1:03] Bong water on my bed
[3:32] Twitch platform
[6:10] 7 million dollars
[9:49] Why are people dying
[12:40] An addictive personality
[14:43] Improving mental acuity
[15:36] Is an hour a little bit of exercise?
[16:53] It’s the wild wild west
[17:59] And they’re called athletes
[19:45] What’s a sport…
[21:31] It’s not just the nerds
[25:01] 12 hours a day
[27:33] Halo on ESPN
[31:12] With tight jeans
[31:35] 101 Cider House- healthy alcohol??
101 Cider House





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