SS 123 – Psychedelics and Scotch

SS 123 – Psychedelics and Scotch

Episode 123 Show Notes


In this episode Grant and Heavey are joined by Grant’s childhood friend, Aaron to talk drugs.  Specifically, the use of hallucinogens for medical purposes.  As a healthcare provider, Aaron shares his take on the current research and therapeutic uses of DMT & Ayahuasca.  He also opens up as to how his own experience with DMT changed his personal outlook in ways that he never expected.  While getting deep into mindset and self-improvement, the boys enjoy Laphroaig 10.

[1:06] Welcome Aaron
[2:42] National Stoner
[3:43] You should show that to your wife
[5:09] Zero experience with fun
[8:31] Achieving mindfulness
[11:07] Saving lives
[12:41] Inhibiting the brain
[13:50] DMT is all over the place
[15:56] Psychedelics used as medicine
[19:14] Why not just have sex?
[21:29] Enlightenment for a moment
[22:58] Letting go of anger
[25:23] Shroomies!
[30:43] Feeling more naked
[35:08] A therapeutic experience
[41:24] WTF is wrong with me?
[46:49] Laphroaig 10

MAPs- Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
The Spirit Molecule






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