SS 124 – Sports Psychology w/ Dr. Eric Bean

SS 124 – Sports Psychology w/ Dr. Eric Bean

Episode 124 Show Notes


In this episode Grant and Heavey are joined by sports psychologist Dr. Eric Bean.  Dr. Bean shares his experiences working with everyone from navy seals, to elite athletes to amateur athletes in order to improve their mental game.  Grant and Heavey also dive into their own personal mental struggles in sports and how Dr Bean’s recommendations can help them on the basketball court and life.

[2:03] What kind of psycho are you?
[7:25] Deploy and execute
[8:10] Getting a good relationship with stress
[9:52] Mentally bulletproof
[12:49] Getting from good to great
[17:00] Self destruction
[18:59] You’re the doctor!
[21:33] Every time I get the ball…
[24:18] Pre and post performance routines
[25:44] Consistency breeds consistency
[27:04] Focus on the present moment

Book: Mind Gym
Book: Switch






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