How to Get Kids Strong

It is well established that weight training is not only safe, but highly beneficial for children.  There is, however, little information on the most appropriate training protocols for kids.  A paper I recently came across examined the response in young children to both a low-repetition / heavy load program and a higher repetition / moderate…

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Relative Safety of Weightlifting

One of the points I touched on in my post on the myth of kids and weightlifting was the relative safety of weightlifting as compared to other common childhood athletic pursuits.  This is counter to the common belief that lifting, especially for children, is a dangerous activity.  The table below is a subset of the…

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TV Reduces Athletic Potential

tv bad for kids

As a parent, you probably know (or at least have an intuition that) there are many reasons not to use the television as a babysitter.  If you’re unaware, it has been demonstrated that increased hours in front of the boob tube during adolescence leads to worse dietary habits, poorer sleep and obesity [1-3].  To top it off, researchers…

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Debunking the Kids Lifting Myth

Kids Weightlifting Myths

Common “Knowledge” It’s amazing to me how pervasive common knowledge can be and how loudly some people are willing to preach with little to no background on a topic.  A recent post on the 626 blog included a photo of one of the children in my kids program performing a lift.  This picture ended up…

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