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Have you gone paleo, zone, keto then intermittent fasted and even threw in a Russian squat program or two, but still aren’t progressing like you feel you should? Fat loss, muscle gain or performance stalled out? Tired of seeing others doing seemingly the same things and getting much better results? We can help.

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A weekly podcast covering everything health and fitness… with a splash of booze. 90% of what we say is true, the rest is the scotch talking! So pour a couple fingers, throw a barbell on your back and listen up.

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Buck the norm. Find fulfillment. Do what you love. Plus a bunch of other random shit :)

Build a Pull Up Bar: Overview

I have built 3 pull-up bar rigs to date.  These have ranged from modest to huge super structures meant to accommodate over 40 people.  Each of the bars was built using the same basic, easy to work with materials.  With

Build a Pull Up Bar: Materials

In the initial post in this series I showed you the three pull up bars I’ve built previously.  Today I’d like to review the materials used to construct these bars.  As I eluded to in the first post, the materials list is surprisingly simple.

Build a Pull Up Bar: Tools

This is part 3 in the build your own pull up rig series.  You can find part 1 – the overview here and part two on materials here.   Tools of the Trade There are relatively few tools required to form your