5/3/1 Session 2

It looks like these posts are going to be a recurring thing now that the strength program has caught on over at 626.  I can’t say that I blame them, with each new cycle the members continue to achieve astounding results.  If you missed the first 5/3/1 results post, follow this link.  Okay, let’s get…

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5/3/1 Strength Gains – Revisited

This post is a follow up to my original 5/3/1 post.  While the original detailed my personal progress with the program, today I’m going to highlight the progress of a group at CrossFit 626 utilizing Wendler’s approach to strength gains.  Building on my personal experience (stupid mistakes) and refining the supplemental movements performed to support each of the…

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Strength Gains with 5/3/1

I’m a hard gainer.  I’ve always been a pretty scrawny guy.  It took 7 years in college of pizza 5 nights a week (Burger King the other two nights) and a couple two liters of soda per day to get me moderately chubby. In the summer of 2011 I found myself plateauing on my lifts, so…

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