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A weekly podcast covering everything health and fitness… with a splash of booze. 90% of what we say is true, the rest is the scotch talking! So pour a couple fingers, throw a barbell on your back and listen up.

The Episodes

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Why Strength & Scotch?

We were drinking together anyway… so we figured, why not record it.  Seriously though, we are two curious dudes.  We love getting to the bottom of things.  Love health, fitness and technology.  Love booze.  So, we figured, why not combine those loves in a fun medium and possibly help others along on their journey to moving faster, lifting heavier, living healthier and utilizing their liver to its maximum potential.

What makes us different?  Well, a lot of the folks out there on podcasts, websites, youtube, etc. let their advice get shaped by some priorities that aren’t necessarily aligned with what is best for their audience.  Whether that be selling books or achieving internet stardom by picking meaningless fights.  On this show, we simply examine evidence and present to you not only what is supported by fact, but what we’ve seen through years of experience in the gym.

We’re not crotchety old men on this though… meaning, we’re not set in our ways.  If we discover something we presented in an earlier episode wasn’t correct, we’ll openly admit it.  We are human afterall, sometimes we’re wrong.  Sometimes the booze makes us say things that aren’t exactly true.  No egos here.  We’ll own up to it.  We’re here for you and we hope you’re here for us… so hold us accountable!

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Who are Grant & Heavey?




Grant is a curious guy.  Not in the strange way silly, in the inquisitive way.  He loves asking questions.  He loves researching.  He loves getting to the bottom of things.  By day he runs a successful business, but outside of that life he loves sports and booze, which is why he and Heavey get along so well.  Grant is the one that makes this show interesting, without him, Heavey would just be like Garth when Wayne stormed off the set.  Hit up Grant at


If you’ve been to this site before, you may have seen Heavey’s bio.  Check it out if you want the full details.  The abridged version…. he’s a coach.  He makes his living helping people lose weight, get strong, PR their 5k and live long and healthy lives.  His methods are shaped by his former life as an electrical engineer.  Working for NASA he used to launch robots into space and now he helps people realize their health and fitness goals.  You can contact him at



We are welcoming inquiries for Strength and Scotch sponsors.  How can we maintain integrity and our promise of only providing information not skewed by ulterior motives?  Well, sponsors will be carefully selected through a screening process that ensures no conflicts.  You won’t hear us featuring “Pro Weight Gain 5000 Formula” if it isn’t something we support (we don’t).  In addition to our awesome audience, sponsors help us keep this show alive.  After all, we need to find some way to support our Scotch habit!

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