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Below you’ll find official Strength and Scotch gear as well as some of the supplements and other products we’ve discussed on the show.  If you follow the links below to purchase any of the products we get a very small commission and it doesn’t cost you anything extra, a win – win.

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ss-shirtStrength & Scotch Shirt

Get the Strength & Scotch t-shirt.  These aren’t throw away, cheap shirts.  The Strength and Scotch shirts are high quality, tri-blend, fitted tees.  They’re available in both men’s T’s and women’s racerback tanks.  Head over here to scoop one up for yourself.  Thanks for your support… cheers!

Supplements We’ve Discussed

Creatine (ep. 8)

ZMA (ep. 3)

Training Programs We’ve Highlighted

Triphasic Training eBook (ep. 19)

5/3/1 – Wendler (ep. 13)

Poliquin Principles (ep. 5)

Texas Method Strength Program  (ep.64)

Other Products We’ve Covered

Neera Cleanse (ep. 21)

Glucometer (ep. 25)

My Fitness Pal (ep. 4)

Carb Backloading (ep. 17)