Searching for Truth in Training

If you take your fitness seriously you’re probably on an eternal quest to get stronger, move faster and more than likely, look good naked.
Maybe you’re just getting started in the gym or perhaps you’ve been training for a while and have grown frustrated with stalled fat loss or diminished improvements on your lifts.
Whatever the case, it can be extremely difficult to make sense of the wealth of fitness information available online.
Popular advice would have you believe that running everyday is the best way to lose weight and red meat will make you fat and give you cancer.  Both of these claims are unsubstantiated by a profound body of scientific literature.
Confusion is understandable though, there is so much conflicting information out there on how to train and how to eat – it is extremely difficult to make sense of it all.

That’s Where We’d Like to Help Out

I’m Brandon Heavey and I read scientific literature for fun.  I know, I know… not everyone’s ideal Saturday night.  Together, with my wife Nicole, we work with numerous clients through our online coaching offerings and run this website.

Our mission on this site is to propagate sound information on training and nutrition to those interested in educating themselves; information that is not motivated by some ulterior motive or agenda other than enabling you to pick up larger weights and getting you damn sexy.

Why should you believe us? Our advice is purely derived from principles and evidence found in scientific literature, not assumptions and bro-science. Whenever we post on a topic, we’re sure to include the references used to arrive at our conclusions.
If and when we present something that we later find to be incorrect or flawed, bet your ass, we’re going to own up to it. But honestly, we’d prefer if you don’t believe us. Question us. Question everything!
More than anything we’d like to train an army of skeptics on a quest for truth in training and nutrition.
This is probably the part of this page where we should post our fitness certifications and show you all the fancy letters we can put next to our names. We’re not going to do that though. I hope that sort of thing isn’t what impresses you. After all, 99% of registered dietitians will tell you that dietary cholesterol leads to heart disease – yet another unsubstantiated claim. Some good that piece of paper is.

What we will tell you about ourselves is this…. we founded and coached at a CrossFit gym in Pasadena, CA – though, we’ve since sold it to focus on working with individuals. When we’re not reading or training ourselves, we’re experimenting with ourselves and our clients. Practical application of underlying principles is really what we’re all interested in anyway, right?
We didn’t start in fitness though. Brandon is an electrical engineer by training. He’s spent a ton of time in his previous life pursuing degrees and working in that field. Asking questions and finding answers. Deriving theories based on principles, testing and assessing. These are the skills we apply every day now in our quest for truth.

Nicole, on the other hand, has a doctorate degree with 10 years experience as a clinical pharmacist specialist focused on primary care/preventative medicine. Disillusioned with many of the practices employed through Western medicine, she left that career to combine her nutrition and training knowledge in conjunction with her medical training to help clients improve their lives naturally rather than relying on a lifetime of prescription medications.

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Now go on your way and lift some heavy sh*t!

-Brandon (twitter // facebook // instagram / G+ ) & Nicole (facebook // instagram)