From time to time I get questions about which supplements I’m taking or what books I’m reading.  I figured I’d throw it all up here so that I have a place to refer folks when they ask.  Clicking on any of the images or links below will take you to a place where you can purchase that particular product if you’d like.


Over time I plan on writing up each of these supplements, outlining the protocols I’d adhere to and the rationale.  For now though, feel free to find your own path.  I’ll continue to update this page as I adapt the supplements I’m consuming.


This one is a guilty pleasure.  I used to take plain BCAAs from vitacost that taste like trash.  This one tastes like Kool Aid!

Fish Oil

I take the SFH, which I really like.  The Carlson product is good too, though not nearly as potent.

Fish Oil

Coconut Oil

I crush this stuff. Cook everything with it and eat out of the jar everyday.



Comming Soon

Books Training

5/3/1: Jim Wendler’s strength training regimen focusing on bench press, back squat, shoulder press and deadlift.  We’ve run this program numerous times at 626 and have reported on it here, here and here.


This is the strength program refined by Louise Simmons at Westside Barbell over many years. The workouts are constantly changing which makes it very fun.


The number one limitation for most folks in the gym is mobility. This book is awesome. It breaks down all of the fundamental movements in CrossFit, discusses common limitations in folks and methods for correcting them.


Paleo Solution: There is no universally applicable nutritional protocol, but for overall health, this probably comes close. This is the book that got me thinking about my food in a completely different way.

Carb Backloading

This book helped me understand how to optimize nutrition for hormonal manipulation – preferentially burning fat and building muscle. The book isn’t cheap, but the content is fantastic! I covered my experience backloading here

iOS Apps

Coach’s Eye

This is a fantastic app for evaluating and communicating points of performance for various movements. The app gives you a great deal of control in video playback, the slow playback is especially helpful. It also enables you to annotate videos and upload them for sharing with others.


This seems to be that app that everyone uses to track their WODs. I use it from time to time, but I’m terrible at using my phone for logging my workouts – I still prefer pen and paper.


When I’m working with clients or tuning my own diet, I use this app to monitor my daily consumption. Especially helpful is the enormous database of food. Just type in that you ate a Trader Joe’s frozen burrito and it will automatically populate the calories and macros for the item.