Get Coached

Comprehensive Coaching

Comprehensive coaching is the most effective way to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are an athlete looking to elevate your performance or someone that feels lost in the gym but wants to take your health and fitness more seriously, comprehensive coaching is for you.

Comprehensive Coaching Includes the Following:

  • About2Phone or Skype Consults Every 6 Weeks
  • Daily Training Program Accounting for your Goals and Needs
  • Individualized Nutritional Analysis and Prescription
  • Regular Communication via Text and Email for all your Training and Nutritional Questions

We only take on a handful of comprehensive coaching clients to ensure we can give our full attention to each client.  For more information on the program, click here.  If you’re ready to get started, contact us to see if we’re currently accepting new clients.

Program Lite

Program lite provides a 3-day-per-week training program designed around your individual goals.  This is an option for those clients who feel they have a good grasp on their nutrition, and are simply looking for a coach to help with fitness related goals.

Program Lite Includes:

  • Phone or Skype Consults Every 6 Weeks
  • 3 -Day Per Week Training Program Accounting for your Goals and Needs
  • Regular Communication via Text and Email for all your Training Questions

Nutrition Coaching


There is no universal nutritional prescription.  If you’ve tried Paleo or Zone or some other diet and have stalled or just been unable to reach your performance or body composition goals, we can help.

The nutrition coaching service is our opportunity to educate.  If you want a daily plan of exactly what to eat, this isn’t for you, go try Jenny Craig.  However, if you’d like to develop a deep understanding of how much protein you need, what are good and bad fats, how you should supplement pre- and post-workout to meet your fitness goals and why, then  contact us for more info.

Facility Program Design

Coaching is a broad field that requires deep knowledge in many diverse areas.  Perhaps you’re an experienced coach that can get people to move perfectly, but lack an understanding of how to develop balanced, progressive training programs.  Maybe you’re just bogged down by all the responsibilities of running a facility and need to outsource some of it.  Perhaps you’re a new coach in a new facility or you’re looking for a program to develop your in-house competitors.  Whatever the case, you can benefit from my experience developing proven training programs for group environments.

These aren’t generic.  Each program is customized, accounting for your facility’s equipment and space constraints as well as where your clientele are in their journey with fitness. During your initial consult we’ll work with you to develop an understanding of your member’s specific needs and from there build short and long-term goals for the group.  If you’re ready to get started with Facility Program Design or want more information, contact us here.


**We expect a lot from our clients, as you expect the same from us.  In order to obtain the best results, we require our coaching clients to commit to a minimum of 3 months.**