Whether you’re a crossfitter looking to get in more gymnastics skill time or someone looking to outfit your home gym with a new piece of equipment, parallettes are a great option.  You can build the rock solid pvc parallettes outlined below for less than $30 in material costs and with less than an hour of your time.

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The cost of this project is quite low.  I happened to have all the necessary tools on hand as well as the PVC primer and cement (from some previous work on a home sprinkler system).  In total, my cost was less than $30.  Below you’ll find a complete parts list with what I paid for each piece.  I picked these parts up from my local hardware store, though you can easily find them at a big box like Home Depot.


PartQuantityCost ea.Total
1 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe10 feet$0.67$6.70
Tee Junction4$1.79$7.16
End Cap8$1.09$8.72
90 Degree Elbow4$1.39$5.56


Cut List

With your 10 ft. segment of PVC, you’ll need to cut the following lengths of pipe.





I hope the video is self explanatory, but if you have any questions about how to get these parallettes together, let me know.  Good luck!


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