Four weeks into my intermittent fasting experiment and I’m very pleased thus far!  I don’t have body composition data to share – that won’t come for another month but, I’m looking leaner at the same weight and I am truly enjoying how I feel eating on this schedule.  The food cravings that used to nag me throughout the day have been eliminated.  I have no desire to snack.  I feel like my body functions better on this protocol, that if I were to miss a meal I wouldn’t just shut down.  In the past, if I wasn’t able to maintain my regular eating / snacking schedule (couldn’t go more than a few hours without food) I struggled with concentration and as my wife can attest, would get very grumpy.  All of these symptoms have vanished!


Also, to stress the importance of removing foods from your diet and slowly reintroducing them, I learned that I do in fact have a bit of trouble with beans.  No, not THAT kind of bean trouble… I found myself experiencing indigestion about an hour before my second meal each day (after eating beans with first meal).  Once I removed the (black and kidney) beans, the indigestion disappeared.  I have kept whole milk in my diet and haven’t noticed any adverse effects.