Most people think having a coach is reserved for serious athletes.  Those individuals whose livelyhood depends on it- and yes, I agree 100%, they need a coach to optimize their sport specific performance.  But how about the 40 year old soccer mom just trying to get fit?  How about your grandma?  Would they benefit?  Absolutely.

I actually wrote this while back at PaleoFx in Austin, Tx.  I was sitting in the back of a room during a break, waiting for the next talk…and enjoying conversation with some fellow fitness nerds, including James Fitzgerald.  He’s awesome, and if you haven’t met him, or heard about OPEX, you’re missing out.  His #1 goal and mission is to educate and produce knowledgeable coaches who care.  Coaches who understand priorities, and are well-versed in taking care of their clients for the long term.

Let me repeat that again- for the long term.

You see, everyone can benefit from a coach, and I’d even say, those non-athlete clients need a coach just as much or more than athletes.  The every day joe needs help with handling life.  With being able to keep up with their kids, their grandkids, and be able to live life to the fullest capacity- efficiently, healthy and pain free.


There are a few avenues to receive coaching.  A class format works for many, but for others, a one-on-one approach of receiving individual programming works best.  Perhaps you have been training for a while, and are starting to see stagnation in your results despite attending group CrossFit classes multiple times a week.  Perhaps you have an upcoming event, goal or achievement in mind, and you’d like a program developed specifically for your goals.  Or maybe you’re dealing with an injury (old nagging, or maybe something fairly new).

Yes, your class formatted workout can be scaled or modified, but you’d be much better off having a knowledgeable coach develop a training program addressing your issues rather than modifying a class workout around your hindrances.

             I personally started working with a coach for individual programming in 2014.  Yes, I’m a coach and I have a coach.  No, I’m not a professional athlete.  And I really don’t compete much.  But I train because I love it, and it makes me feel whole.  And after 4 years in a class format, the CrossFit group model was no longer working for me.  Injuries, stagnation in results, and high intensity overtraining were leading me away from my goal: optimal health and longevity.  Do I miss doing group workouts with others?  Occasionally.  But to be honest, I love working off of a program that my coach developed specifically for me, my weaknesses, my limitations, and my strengths.  Not because I want to be an amazing athlete, but because I enjoy the process and want to be the healthiest I can be over the long term.


The ultimate goal: training for life, longevity, and happiness.


Train on my friends, and if you’d like to find out more about individual programming options to address your specific needs, feel free to contact us.