I used to be a devoted paleo/primal worshiper…I’m not anymore.

Do I still feel a grain-free unprocessed diet is optimal for longevity and health?  Absolutely without a doubt.

Do I preach that to my nutrition clients?  Kinda-sorta.


Because my #1 priority for my clients is to find a way of eating that will be sustainable for them for the long term.  Like FOREVER.

Let’s face it: how many of you have done nutrition challenges, seen great results, and then months down the line with much frustration, you’re back to where you started before the challenge?!

A nutrition challenge, whether it’s Whole-30, Paleo, or the Twinkie diet is a complete failure if you’re not able to:

A. Maintain that lifestyle

B. Maintain your positive outcomes


Enter B.R.


Left pictures on 7/12/15. Right pictures on 8/15/15.

B.R…hot damn check out that six-pack!

Now let’s be honest here, B.R. looked pretty darn amazing to start with, BUT she felt like she was getting “soft” despite her 6-day-a-week lifting regimen and wanted to improve her nutrition.

We focused on tweaking B.R’s nutrition to improve her protein intake as a vegetarian, with a secondary focus on macronutrient ratios and adequate hydration.

NOTE- B.R. has actually been consuming MORE calories in the last 5 weeks of her nutrition coaching, and has noticed improved energy and strength in her workouts and everyday life.  Boom!

Yes, she’s leaner now, but NO, she has not been eating a restrictive diet. (Far from it!)

She’s been enjoying her favorite snacks- Raisin Bran cereal and even homemade cookies by watching her portions and fitting them into her macronutrient goals.

The goal here is a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle of balanced healthy eating for the long term.

As a nutrition coach, I am not interested in putting my clients on a restrictive diet.

My goal is to teach portions, nutrient densities, and allow my clients to take control over their food intake and their choices…and let their six-pack shine.

Rock on B.R.!!

Yes she did.

Yes she did.

Want to learn more about how to sustainably enjoy your favorite foods while leaning out?  Hit us up.