Some of you may have already seen on our social media, that we’ve got a celebrity amongst the Heavey Duty clientele:  Mona.  (aka- Mrs. HD’s mom).   Mona has qualified for the 60+ masters division of the CrossFit Games- and we couldn’t be prouder.

Woot woot!


Up to the Master’s Qualifier, Mona has been following the Invictus Master’s training program.  An excellent program for sure, but she would definitely benefit from individual targeted programming to specifically address her needs.  Heavey Duty has now taken over Mona’s training leading up to the games in order to tackle her specific weaknesses and augment her strengths.

How are we going about this?  Now we don’t want to give away any secrets to the competition, but it’s no surprise based on Mona’s Open and Master’s Qualifier scores that she’s got an engine to boot.  She has many years as an endurance runner under her belt; therefore, an early emphasis on strength and technique is our focus for this month of training.

So what’s the game plan for this master’s athlete?  Like all Heavey Duty clients, Mona has submitted her times for recent benchmark workouts and lifting PR’s for analysis.  She’s got a great engine, and due to her smaller size, she excels at gymnastics movements.

Our focus for Mona is to:

  1.  Drill technique in her Olympic lifts
  2.  Improve strength gains via:
    1. Quality nutrition
    2. Targeted strength training
    3. Adequate recovery between training sessions

In just a few short weeks, Mona has seen some serious improvement in her clean technique.


LeIMG_8791ft, her infamous early pull (and as you know, early pull = loss of power).

Right (taken this week)- a HUGE improvement in her pulling technique and beautiful triple extension.

How did this change come about?   Programming with a specific focus on clean pulls and clean shrugs to ingrain hips instead of that gnarly early arm pull.


Stay tuned for progress on Mona’s training and her road to the CrossFit 2015 Games!