I recently posted about my homemade jerk boxes / pulling blocks.  After receiving a few requests for my exact materials costs, I figured I’d put together a quick post outlining them.  The items listed below are exactly what I purchased from my local Home Depot and the associated costs.

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My Materials

ItemQty.Cost perTotalNotes
2" x 3" x 8'2$2.44$4.88Interlocking mechanism
2" x 4" x 10'3$4.17$12.51Shorter Boxes
2" x 12" x 10'3$13.57$40.71Taller Boxes
3/4" x 4' x 8' Plywood1$40.97$40.97Splurged on Maple Here!
3" Drywall Screws1$21.97$21.97Big ass box
5/16" Washers1$9.95$9.95Set of 100
5/16" x 3.5" Lag Bolts1$21.68$21.68Another big box


My Boxes

Jerk Boxes / Pulling Blocks

Boxes stacked up


Even though I had left over lag bolts, washers and drywall screws, for the purpose of deriving total box cost I’ll simply divide the fastener costs equally between the boxes.

Homemade 4" Pair Pulling Blocks$49.73
Homemade 12" Pair Pulling Blocks$90.44


Purchase the Plans for $5


Commercial Options

For comparison sake, I’m listing the costs of some of the more popular commercial options available (prices surveyed on 7/16/13).

Rogue2.25" Pair of Pulling Blocks$85.50
Rogue6" Pair of Pulling Blocks$154.00
Rogue12" Pair of Pulling Blocks$222.60
Rogue15" Pair of Pulling Blocks$265.20
Pendlay8 - 12" Adjustable Pulling Blocks$549.00
Pendlay12 - 20" Adjustable Pulling Blocks$599.00
Pendlay34 - 42" Adjustable Jerk Blocks$699.00


So it looks like I definitely saved money when you compare my costs to the Rogue or Pendlay blocks.  However, keep in mind, it did take me the better part of a day to build these boxes.  They are also substantially more difficult to maneuver than the commercial boxes.  If you’ve built your own blocks or have any questions about mine, let me know in the comments.


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