Some of you know, some of you don’t…so here’s a brief recap of Mr. Heavey Duty.

Heavey was an electrical engineer at a NASA facility for almost 10 years…and then he quit.

He quit his prestigious engineering position to coach, to run our CrossFit affiliate, and most recently after selling our affiliate, to focus on Heavey Duty- to share his learnings and to help others with their pursuits of health and fitness.  (Which you can hear more about in Strength & Scotch Episode 15.)

He’s utterly and completely a fitness and nutrition nerd.  Hard core.


What you might not know, is that his wife is too.


Mr. and Mrs. Heavey Duty going head-to-head in CrossFit Open WOD 14.4.


I’m Nicole (aka- Mrs. Heavey Duty), and I recently left my position as a clinical pharmacist for…this.  I spent many years in college, graduate school, achieved a doctorate in pharmacy & post graduate residency and entered the adult world ready to rock…but after 10 years as a clinical pharmacist, something was lacking.  Sure, the salary and benefits were great, but inside I felt unfulfilled.  Outside of work, I was a competitive distance runner turned CrossFitter/lifter, and was adamantly into fitness, nutrition, and training, but during the hours of 9-5, I was confined to the ideals of traditional medicine, USDA nutrition guidelines, and pharmaceutics to “treat” conditions.   I longed for the autonomy to completely change people’s lives, to reduce their medications, to help them as a whole.  To grow.

I wanted to coach, to mentor.

I know, I know.  It sounds so cliche and cheesy, but I honestly want to make a difference in the world, and help others improve their lives- whether it’s training, nutrition, or utilizing my clinical background to reduce chronic disease symptoms and medication reliance for my clients.  I’ve given up my 6 figure salary, thrown caution to the wind, and am biting at the bit to follow my passions, my dreams, and to help clients follow theirs.  From here on out, you’ll see me actively involved on Heavey Duty, and aiming to change the world- one client at a time.

I’m taking control of the reins and am up for the challenge.  Bring it.

Nicole Garage Gym Heavey Duty