So, disclaimer here, I’m about to brag… about Heavey.

‘Cuz he got fancy.

Some of you know, some of you don’t, but the life of Mr and Mrs Heavey Duty has been far from “normal” to say the least.  We started off normal with college, grad school, 9-5 corporate jobs and such, but very quickly realized being the norm was not our jam.

We made a pact and a plan to follow a path of our passions, making as calculated financial decisions as possible for a simple future.  One that didn’t involve both of us working for someone else.  One that DID involve us spending time together, doing what we love (health and fitness goodness) and helping others along the way.

We started a CrossFit affiliate, gained as much training and coaching knowledge as we could, and realized in the process that we really revel the science and the background of training, and working with clients one-on-one to attain their goals.

Heavey attained his CCP L1 OPEX certification (at the time, only the 22nd person in the world to do this).  He’s currently working on his L2 OPEX certification, but I’m excited to announce his newfound expertise in another area…



Meet Brandon Heavey, FDN-P

(Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner)

What does FDN-P mean to you?

Heavey now has the credentials and expertise to order lab work on his clients and treat them as a functional medicine client.  Besides writing kick ass training programs and analyzing your nutrition he can now assess adrenal function by ordering hormone panels, food sensitivity testing, leaky gut tests, and even pre-conception health for couples ready to start a family.

(Sidenote:  Ladies, did you know it’s highly recommended to get your stress, hormones, and gut health in check at least a year before conceiving to ensure optimal fetal health and reduce chances of child behavioral and health issues?!)

Anyway, yeah, Heavey is fancy.

Be on the lookout for client cases and knowledge bombs from B. Heavey, FDN-P.

Interested in having adrenal or food sensitivity tests for yourself to improve your performance both inside and outside the gym?  Contact Heavey to find out more.