Ah, motivation.  Motivation to move, to work, to workout.  To be…productive.

Often times, it can be buried underneath everyday life.  Hard to find at times, and if you disagree with that statement- you’re lying to yourself.


If you’re a coach working with clients, you’ll notice a waxing a waning of motivations.  Extreme motivation some weeks, and other times…crickets and apologies about getting way behind, promising they’ll get back on track.


When this is the case- when motivation is lost- it’s important to look at the whole picture.  Perhaps there are additional complications.  Perhaps a lack of enthusiasm is caused by exogenous stressors- work, family issues.  Perhaps it’s internal issues related to nutrition or sleep disturbances…or perhaps the client just needs a break.


So what if you find yourself in that position as the client?  …The unmotivated, overburdened individual stuck in blah-land, and can’t get yourself out the door.

There are a few tricks to regain that va-voom you seemingly lost.


  1. Take a look at yourself.  Evaluate your internal and external stressors…and what YOU have control over.   Accept and stop worrying about the shit you can’t change.
  2. Remind yourself why you train.  What is the personal value obtained?  Is it mental/physical health?  Is it to keep up with your kids?  Training for an event or competition? Or, be honest, you just want to look effin’ sexy naked?  Just reminding yourself “WHY” is a huge motivation.

If all else fails, scrap your training  for the day and do something crazy and completely childish… like galloping through your neighbors sprinklers- arms flailing, awkward sprint and all.  Laugh at yourself, remember what it’s like to be a kid, and smile.


…Because in the end, finding motivation is reconnecting with your inner self.  Capture spontaneous bursts of energy and motivation with surely follow.
Be bold.  And tackle those random sprinklers.