Food.  It can drive a person insane.  And fat.  And unhealthy.  

…Or completely f*ing shredded, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed.  The choice is yours.

Food is fuel.  You know that.  You’ve heard that multiple times…but why is it so f*cking hard to eat well?  Perhaps you need to rethink the way you view “food”.

We’re inundated with garbage food choices day in and day out and as you and I both know, it can be a very slippery slope from a handful of chips, to 1 donut, to even a handful of donuts drenched in a bowl of milk.  [Cough cough, J.V., does this sound familiar?]  Now this is completely fine every once in a while, but if this is your idea of a Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, you’ve got problems.

The not so simple secret is again, food is fuel.   That bowl of milk-soaked donuts?  Not the greatest fuel.

I’ve mentioned our elderly dog, Abbey before, but she is a perfect reference to this.  She’s really really old, and frail when she skips a meal.  And if she gets stubborn and doesn’t eat for a day or two, she can’t even stand on her own.  Give her a day of good nutrition full of protein and micronutrients and she’s walking around the backyard like a boss.  Night and day, dude.

Now, you may not be a 16 year old dog, but I think you get the point.  What you put into your body is what you’re going to get out of it.

Feed yourself shit, and you’re going to feel like shit.  If not today or tomorrow, you’re going to pay for it eventually.

What can a foodie do?

The #1 priority when improving your nutrition is protein.  Get 1 gram per pound of body weight (or 1 gram per pound of lean body mass if you’re fairly overweight).

Tackle the protein, make sure you’re eating fibrous veggies with each meal, and drink half your body weight in water.   (Heavey discusses more of this in his recent podcast.)

Follow these three simple steps and you’re well on your way to fueling yourself.  To become a beast in life.

…Because we all want to enjoy the journey, and you might as well enjoy it at your maximum potential.

IMG_4838My client sent me a pic of her dinner last night: Fried egg, chicken & avocado on a bed of greens.  Boom.

Eat your protein, kids.


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