Time.  You want more, you need more… but where do you find it?

The answer is priorities, and everyone’s priorities are different based on differing goals and life choices.

Aligning those priorities with your values will allow you to realistically set your individual goals and expectations…and if things don’t align, changes need to be made either in expectations or goals.Values-priorities

I was recently speaking with a potential training client who has been interested in individual programming for quite a while, but she has been worried she doesn’t have the time for it.  She works long hours- often 14 hours per day, and also has a family to take care of.

Indeed, she may not have the time for the training she envisions with her current schedule.  I have to admit, initially I was brainstorming ways for her to fit in her training: during lunch, late after work, etc… but after much thought, my best advice for her is to take a look internally at her priorities and values, asking herself the following questions:

  • Why are you working long hours?
  • Do you enjoy your job?
  • Is your priority right now to make money?

Armed with the answers to those questions there are two ways to proceed:

Option 1:

If the answers to the above questions align with her values (aka- she enjoys her job, doesn’t mind the long hours, and feels that she would like to prioritize career and income), I’d actually recommend the client not worry so much about her training at this time in her life- because money and her career are indeed a much higher priority than her training.  She would be better off joining up with friends for a fun wod on the occasions that she finds down time.

Option 2:

If she does not love her job, is feeling stressed, and really wants to commit to training (rather than attempting to tack on 1-2 hours of individual programming to her already lengthy work day and family obligations) I’d actually recommend that she consider making a lifestyle change.

Find a different job so that she can spend that extra time doing other things that she enjoys.  Sure it might pay less, but if it allows her opportunity to focus more on her family and training, it might be worth it to her.


Life is short, but you have control over your path.  If you feel you don’t have time for what you love, do something about it.  I certainly did.  It was scary as hell to make that decision, but I don’t doubt it one bit.

Remember those choose your own adventure books?  Believe it or not, your life is a “choose your own adventure”.  Don’t be scared.  Think about what you value, your priorities, and your goals.  If they do not align, it’s time to choose a new adventure…

3-2-1- GO!