It’s an interesting cycle to watch:

You start CrossFitting–> You get fitter and more interested in your overall health.

You hear about this buzzword “Paleo”, become interested in also improving your nutrition and dive all-in to the Caveman eating plan.  Grains, sugar and legumes are banned (most likely dairy too) and you start looking seriously fit and trim.

Paleo-CrossFit becomes your new religion and man it’s glorious!

…BUT eventually this magic stops working so well.  Progress stalls for no apparent reason.  You’re still eating clean, still training like crazy, so what gives?

Here’s the top 3 faults seen among the Paleo crowd:

  1. Eating in excess
  2. Paleo Baking (eek!)
  3. Not enough veggies

Let’s break this down:

  1. Eating in excess- Even though you may be eating super “clean”, it is easy to overeat in the Paleo realm.  Most Paleo-ers know fruit should be consumed in moderation, but it can also be easy to overdose on all those healthy fats.  Giant handfuls of nut, several pieces of bacon with breakfast, a plethora of fatty meats and cupfuls of coconut milk can over time pack a punch on the waistline.bacon
  2. I hate to admit this one, because I LOVE to bake, but the truth is, all those Paleo baking recipes out there… well, you might be better off eating a small amount of the real thing rather than the Paleo counterpart.  Why?  Most paleo baking recipes include almond flour.  Almond flour is simply ground almonds- in fact, 1 cup of almond flour contains about 90 almonds.  That’s a lot of nuts!  Compared to regular white flour, almond flour has 33% more calories.  As a paleo-ite it’s probably been ingrained in your head that calories no longer matter.  The fact is, over time in excess, they do!  paleomeme
  3. The truth is, in the Paleo world, meat (bacon!!), eggs, and butter are glorified…but where are the veggies?  The majority of your plate should be veggies- leafy greens and as many other colors of non-starchy beauties that tickle your fancy.  Not only are veggies less calorically dense, but they’re also chocked full of micronutrients/antioxidants/fiber.

paleo veggies

So, What’s A Paleo Guy/Gal To Do?

  • The Weigh and Measure Game

If you’re not where you want to be on your nutrition and body comp, start weighing and measuring your food.  Set up a free account on my fitness pal and log EVERYTHING for 1-2 weeks.  This will teach you portions and help you figure out where your macros need tweaking.

  • For All Those Bakers

If you’re a baking queen like myself, remember, a cookie is a cookie whether it’s Paleo or not.  You can play around with subbing some of your almond flour with coconut flour or even protein powder to change up the macronutrients and calories to better fit your goals.

  • And for the Meat Lovers

Don’t forget your veggies.  Fill your plate with 3/4 veggies.  You’ll poop like a pro, your waist will love you and your micronutrients will be rocking.



PS- Need help with macros?  Unsure where to start?  Contact us for a nutrition consult.